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2018Nickel-iron spinel/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites: Structural and mossbauer studiesBoychuk, Volodymyra; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Bandura, Khrystyna; Fedorchenko, Sofia; Бойчук, Володимира Михайлівна
2018Optical and electrical properties of β-Ni (OH) 2 / reduced graphene oxide nanocompositeBoychuk, Volodymyra; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Bandura, Khrystyna; Hrubiak, A.; Rachii, Bogdan; Yaremiy, Ivan; Fedorchenko, Sofia
Jun-2019Structural and electrical properties of nickel-iron spinel/reduced graphene oxide nanocompositesBoychuk, Volodymyra; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Bandura, Khrystyna; Rachii, B. I.; Yaremiy, I. P.; Fedorchenko, Sofia; Бойчук, Володимира Михайлівна; Коцюбинський, Володимир Олегович
2019Synthesis, Structural, Morphological, Electrical, and Electrochemical Properties of Ni(OH) 2 /Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite MaterialsBoychuk, Volodymyra; Bandura, Khrystyna; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Yaremiy, Ivan; Fedorchenko, Sofia
2018The electrical conductivity and photocatalytic activity of ultrafine iron hydroxide/oxide systemsHrubiak, A.; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Moklyak, Volodymyr; Ostafiychuk, B.; Kolkovsky, P.; Fedorchenko, Sofia; Rachiy, Bogdan
Jun-2019β-Ni(OH) 2 / reduced graphene oxide composite as electrode for supercapacitorsBoychuk, Volodymyra; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Rachiy, Bogdan; Bandura, Khrystyna; Hrubiak, A.; Fedorchenko, Sofia