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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effect of orthophosphoric acid on morphology of nanoporous carbon materials.Ostafiychuk, B.; Lisovskyi, R.; Zamil, A.-S. A. H.; Rachiy, B.; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Kolkovsky, P.; Merena, R.; Hrubiak, A.
2019Effect of Synthesis Conditions on Pseudocapacitance Properties of Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbon MaterialsBoychuk, Volodymyra; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Kachmar, Andrii; Budzulyak, Sergiy; Budzulyak, Ivan; Rachiy, Bogdan; Yablon, L. S.
2019Effect of synthesis conditions on the morphological and electrochemical properties of nitrogen-doped porous carbon materialsKachmar, Andrii; Boychuk, Volodymyra; Budzulyak, Ivan; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Rachiy, Bogdan; Lisovskyi, R.
2014Mossbauer Study Of Yttrium Iron Garnet Epitaxial Films Magnetic MicrostructureKotsyubynsky, V.; Moklyak, V. V.; Ostafiychuk, B. K.
2018Nickel-iron spinel/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites: Structural and mossbauer studiesBoychuk, Volodymyra; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Bandura, Khrystyna; Fedorchenko, Sofia; Бойчук, Володимира Михайлівна
2018Optical and electrical properties of β-Ni (OH) 2 / reduced graphene oxide nanocompositeBoychuk, Volodymyra; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Bandura, Khrystyna; Hrubiak, A.; Rachii, Bogdan; Yaremiy, Ivan; Fedorchenko, Sofia
2019Pure ultrafine magnetite from carbon steel wastesButenko, O.; Boychuk, Volodymyra; Savchenko, B.; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Khomenko, V.; Barsukov, V.
2014Rutile Nanorods: Synthesis, Structure And Electrochemical PropertiesKotsyubynsky, V.; Myronyuk, I.; Chelyadyn, V.; Moklyak, V.
Jun-2019Structural and electrical properties of nickel-iron spinel/reduced graphene oxide nanocompositesBoychuk, Volodymyra; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Bandura, Khrystyna; Rachii, B. I.; Yaremiy, I. P.; Fedorchenko, Sofia; Бойчук, Володимира Михайлівна; Коцюбинський, Володимир Олегович
2019Structure and Morphology of MoS 2 /Carbon Nanocomposite MaterialsBoychuk, Volodymyra; Shyyko, Lyudmyla; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Kachmar, Andrii
2015Synthesis and double-hierarchical structure of MoS2/C nanospheresShyyko, Lyudmyla; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Budzulyak, Ivan; Rawski, Michal; Kulyk, Yurij; Lisovskyi, R.; Коцюбинський, Володимир Олегович
2014Synthesis And Properties Of Superparamagnetic Y-Fe2o3Kotsyubynsky, V.; Moklyak, V.; Hrubiak, A.
30-Dec-2019Synthesis, morphology, electrical conductivity and electrochemical properties of α-Ni(OH)2 and its composites with carbonKhemii, О.; Budzulyak, Ivan; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Yablon, L.; Ilnytskyi, R.; Boychuk, Volodymyra; Hrubiak, A.; Morushko, О.; Bandura, Khrystyna; Khemii, М.; Коцюбинський, Володимир Олегович
2019Synthesis, Structural, Morphological, Electrical, and Electrochemical Properties of Ni(OH) 2 /Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite MaterialsBoychuk, Volodymyra; Bandura, Khrystyna; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Yaremiy, Ivan; Fedorchenko, Sofia
2015SYNTHESIS, STRUCTURE AND ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES OF MOLYBDENUM DISULFIDE / MESOPOROUS CARBON NANOCOMPOSITEShyyko, Lyudmyla; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Budzulyak, Ivan; Yaremiy, Ivan; Rachiy, Bogdan; Коцюбинський, Володимир Олегович
2016The Effect Of Precursors Concentration On The Structure And Micromagnetic Properties Of Ultrafine Iron Oxides Obtained By Sol-Gel RouteKotsyubynsky, V.; Moklyak, V.; Hrubiak, A.; Mohnatska, L.; Gasyuk, I.
2016The Effect Of So42- Sulphate Anions On The Ultrafine Titania NucleationKotsyubynsky, V.; Myronyuk, I.; Ostafiychuk, B. K.; Chelyadyn, V.; Hrubiak, A.; Hryhoruk, I.
2018The electrical conductivity and photocatalytic activity of ultrafine iron hydroxide/oxide systemsHrubiak, A.; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Moklyak, Volodymyr; Ostafiychuk, B.; Kolkovsky, P.; Fedorchenko, Sofia; Rachiy, Bogdan
2020Thermally induced phase transformations of Al93Fe4Nb3 and Al90Fe7Nb3 quenched alloysShved, O. V.; Mudry, S. I.; Kotsyubynsky, V.; Boychuk, Volodymyra; Бойчук, Володимира Михайлівна