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dc.contributor.authorМарчук, Василь Васильович-
dc.identifier.citationМарчук В. В. The concept of the hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine: information context // Вісник Прикарпатського університету. Політологія / Прикарпатський національний університет імені Василя Стефаника. – Івано-Франківськ: ЛІК, Вип.11. – 2017. – С.66–71.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe article is devoted to the essence and distinctive features of informational war which is one of the components of the hybrid war and as a phenomenon has existed fromancient times. Methods and means of information struggle are an integral part of modern armed conflicts, which allow to attack without declaring war between the parties of the conflicts. Technologies of information warfare allow to fight without direct contact. The author argues that informational attacks against Ukraine have started long ago. Its actions impair the situation inside the country and create a negative image of Ukraine abroad. There were describedthe main directions and methods of informational and psychological influence on the consciousness of Ukrainians and the specifics of their application. Significant sources of information propaganda of the Russian Federation were revealed.uk_UA
dc.publisherДВНЗ "Прикарпатський національний університет імені Василя Стефаника"uk_UA
dc.subjecthybrid waruk_UA
dc.subjectnformation warfareuk_UA
dc.subjectmanipulative technologiesuk_UA
dc.subjectfake messagesuk_UA
dc.titleThe concept of the hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine: information contextuk_UA
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