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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Communication Opportunities of Civil Society Institutions in Countering the Challenges of Post-Pandemic PostmodernityMarchuk, Vasyl; Pavlova, Liudmyla; Ahafonova, Hanna; Vonsovych, Sergiy; Simonian, Anna; Марчук, Василь Васильович
2021The Development of a System of Local Self-Government in the Countries of the Visegrad Group in the Conditions of Postmodern SocietyMarchuk, Vasyl; Hladiy, Vasyl; Holubiak, Nataliia; Dudkevych, Vasyl; Melnychuk, Vasyl; Марчук, Василь Васильович
2020Exploring the Experience of the World's Leading Countries in Inclusive Growth as Part of the Post-Industrial Economy: Challenges and PerspectivesGontar, Zoriana; Marchuk, Vasyl; Durman, Olena; Denkovych, Nataliia; Dudkevych, Vasyl; Марчук, Василь Васильович
2020The Appointment of the History Philosophy in Comprehending Modern Civilizational Challenges in a Post-Pandemic SocietyMarchuk, Vasyl; Novoselshyi, Ivan; Melnychuk, Vasyl; Chorooyskyi, Vasyl; Shlemkevych, Tetiana; Марчук, Василь Васильович
2021Pedagogical and political concept of interaction of Ukraine and Visegrad GroupMartinkovič, Marcel; Marchuk, Vasyl; Haydanka, Yevheniy; Kiyanka, Iryna; Vonsovych, Sergiy; Марчук, Василь Васильович
2020Decentralization Reform and Prospects for Economic Development in Ukraine: Impact AssessmentMarchuk, Vasyl; Marchuk, Nataliya; Yemets, Olha; Марчук, Василь Васильович
2021E-Government Development Under the Decentralization Reform in Ukraine: The Experience of Poland and SlovakiaMarchuk, Vasyl; Марчук, Василь Васильович
2020Security cooperation in the Visegrad group: new challenges and hybrid threatMarchuk, Vasyl; Holubiak, Nataliia; Марчук, Василь Васильович
2020Regional Features of Small and Medium Business Development in Ukraine (Ivano-Frankivsk City Example)Druk, Yurii; Marchuk, Nataliya; Marchuk, Vasyl; Марчук, Василь Васильович
2020Confessional-ethnic and political transformations during the Second World War (1939-1945)Marchuk, Vasyl; Марчук, Василь Васильович