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Title: The Appointment of the History Philosophy in Comprehending Modern Civilizational Challenges in a Post-Pandemic Society
Authors: Marchuk, Vasyl
Novoselshyi, Ivan
Melnychuk, Vasyl
Chorooyskyi, Vasyl
Shlemkevych, Tetiana
Марчук, Василь Васильович
Keywords: philosophy history
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: A retrospective look at social theory shows that the need for philosophical and historical research arises at the junction of significant historical events when qualitative changes in social processes occur. At the beginning of the emergence of bourgeois social relations, when old ideas about society and people were destroyed, when instead of a religious understanding of the world, completely new views on the surrounding social environment were needed, it was philosophical and historical concepts that could help society find the desired confidence in the future. Such a function of the philosophical and historical worldview can be extremely relevant even in the conditions of the crisis phenomena of the present, when in the era of a pandemic, society is stratified and a global crisis is emerging in all its manifestations. Modern globalization, covering all spheres of public life - economics, politics, culture, has forced mankind to once again find itself in the wirl of a historical turn, during which contradictions between different states, peoples and civilizations have intensified and deepened. The main objective of the study is to characterize the purpose of the philosophy of history in understanding modern civilizational challenges in a post-pandemic society.
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