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Title: Exploring the Experience of the World's Leading Countries in Inclusive Growth as Part of the Post-Industrial Economy: Challenges and Perspectives
Authors: Gontar, Zoriana
Marchuk, Vasyl
Durman, Olena
Denkovych, Nataliia
Dudkevych, Vasyl
Марчук, Василь Васильович
Keywords: development
economic relations
inclusive growth
inclusive growth rates
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The main goal of the article is to study the experience of leading countries in the field of inclusive growth.The article considers the main prerequisites for the emergence of inclusive economic growth in the context of ensuring the interests of all segments of the population of the world community. The importance of introducing inclusive programs in the socio-economic sphere of each country is substantiated as the main prerequisite for ensuring economic security, stability and the development of democratization of society. The basic structure of the inclusive growth of the economy was analysed in terms of its main indicators, which together constitute a comprehensive structure for assessing the level of economic stability and democracy. The numerical values of the main indicators of inclusive growth were considered among the representative countries that have been on the leading positions in the field of introducing inclusive growth in their own economies for more than a year. Specific programs for inclusive growth were reviewed among the countries that were being considered. For clarity, countries from different geographical latitudes and with various established paradigms of economic relations were selected as the countries to be accepted. The article examined the programs of inclusive growth of such countries as Norway, Sweden, China and the United States of America. For each country, the main premises, prerequisites, successes and shortcomings of the implementation of inclusive economic growth programs were identified.
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