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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Thermodynamics of defect subsystem in zinc telluride crystalsHorichok, I.; Nykyruy, L.; Parashchuk, T.; Bardashevska, S.; Pylyponuk, M.
Sep-2018Influence of the behavior of charge carriers on the thermoelectric properties of PbTe:Bi thin filmsNykyruy, L.; Voznyak, O.; Yavorskiy, Y.; Shenderovskiy, V.; Dzumedzey, R.; Kostyuk, O.; Zapukhlya, R.
Jan-2014Effect of Thermal Treatment of PbTe Films on their IR Spectra and Surface StructureShimko, A.; Malashkevich, G.; Freik, D.; Nykyruy, L.; Lytovchenko, V.
Sep-2017The Thermoelectric Solar GeneratorProkopiv, V.; Nykyruy, L.; Voznyak, O.; Dzundza, B.; Horichok, I.; Yavorskyi, Y.; Matkivskyi, O.; Mazur, T.
Aug-2014Thermodynamic Properties of CdSe Crystals Using First Principles Calculations and ExperimentNykyruy, L.; Freik, D.; Parashchuk, T.; Volochanska, B.; Никируй, Любомир Іванович
Feb-2019Low-dimensional systems on the base of PbSnAgTe (LATT) compounds for thermoelectric applicationNykyruy, L.; Ruvinskiy, M.; Ivakin, E.; Kostyuk, O.; Horichok, I.; Kisialiou, I.; Yavorskyy, Y.; Hrubiak, A.
Jul-2017Quasichemical modelling of defect subsystem of tin telluride crystalsProkopiv, V.; Turovska, L.; Nykyruy, L.; Horichok, I.
Aug-2015Thermoelectric composites on the base of PbTe with nanoiclusions of colloidal silverFreik, D.; Galushchak, M.; Nykyruy, L.; Horichok, I.; Matkivskyi, O.; Khalavka, Y.
Mar-2016Phase Content and Thermoelectric Properties of Optimized Thermoelectric Structures Based on the Ag-Pb-Sb-Te SystemHorichok, I.; Ahiska, R.; Freik, D.; Nykyruy, L.; Mudry, S.; Matkivskyi, O.; Semko, T.
Feb-2019Account of surface contribution to thermodynamic properties of lead selenide filmsNykyruy, L.; Naidych, B.; Voznyak, O.; Parashchuk, T.; Ilnytskyi, R.