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Title: Українсько-єврейський етнополітичний діалог на західноукраїнських землях (кінець ХІХ - початок ХХ ст.)
Authors: Монолатій, Іван Сергійович
Keywords: Галицькі євреї, етнополітика, міжконфесійні взаємини, Галичина
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Монолатій І. Українсько-єврейський етнополітичний діалог на західноукраїнських землях (кінець ХІХ - початок ХХ ст.) // Українська орієнталістика : спеціальний випуск з юдаїки. - 2011. - С. 243-276
Abstract: This article analyzes the specifics of interaction of Ukrainian and Jewish political actors in Galicia and Bukovina in the late 19th - early 20th centuries. We find that the few existing manifestations of Ukrainian-Jewish ethno-political dialogue confirmed the formula of achieved compromise between ethnic minorities: “their” political actors protect their own goals and simultaneously cooperate interaction with equal “strangers” on the platform of joint protection of the civil rights of both groups. The author stresses that bilateral cooperation was prevented by the Ukrainian and Jewish versions of cordocentrism and the lack of political platforms aggregated by political actors that would interpret cooperation with an equal “alien” imperative as the successful defense of both groups’ interests from attack by the state and the main ethnicity in the region. We also give arguments to substantiate the thesis that a lack of common large-scale campaigns by ethnic minorities, including the Ukrainian and Jewish minority, aimed at their integration into the ethno-political body as subjects with equal rights, a lack of mutual support in this process showed that their cooperation was situational and did not determine the dominant trends in bilateral or multilateral cooperation.
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