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Title: Інші свої. Політична участь етнічних áкторів пізньогабсбурзьких Галичини і Буковини. Summary
Authors: Монолатій, Іван Сергійович
Keywords: політична участь, етнічні політичні актори, міжетнічна взаємодія, міжнаціональні взаємини, західноукраїнський регіон
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Лілея-НВ
Citation: Монолатій, І. (2012). Інші свої. Політична участь етнічних áкторів пізньогабсбурзьких Галичини і Буковини. Івано-Франківськ: Лілея-НВ, 2012. С. 388-397.
Abstract: Classical and modern concepts of ethnic political actors’ institutionalization and citizens’ political participation afford us to fully identify basic characteristics of ethnic communities under the conditions of ethnicities politicization. In modern research, society appears divided into “natives”/“us” and “foreigners”/“them” as a result of structural divisions and functional space of socio-cultural distance in any ethno-political body. Therefore, ethnic political behavior is the major formative factor of their interaction. Groups are defined, on the one hand, as wholeness, integrity; on the other – as entities whose expectations and goals are revealed in activities of prevailing political actors that have been formed within their environment. Researchers evaluate ethnic policy – despite the variety of concepts for its analysis – according to various criteria of scarce resources distribution, creation/preservation of equal/unequal opportunities for different groups that embody their values expressing different attitudes to their cultural resources. Using the category of “political participation” as a tool allows us to determine essential characteristics of political relations, to research into evolution of the major political players’ interaction during the period of ethnicities politicization.
ISBN: 78-966-668-300-0
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