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Title: Binomial sum relations involving Fibonacci and Lucas numbers
Authors: Гой, Тарас Петрович
Adegoke, Kunle
Frontczak, Mark
Keywords: binomial coefficient
central binomial coefficient
Horadam sequence
recurrence relation
Fibonacci number
Lucas number
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Adegoke K., Frontczak R., Goy T. Binomial sum relations involving Fibonacci and Lucas numbers. Prepnint arXiv: 2310.03045v1. 2023. 41 p.
Abstract: In this paper, we introduce relations between binomial sums involving (generalized) Fibonacci and Lucas numbers, and different kinds of binomial coefficients. We also present some relations between sums with two and three binomial coefficients. In the course of exploration we rediscover a few relations presented as problem proposals.
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