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Authors: Польова, Леся Василівна
Knodel, Ludmila
Polyova, Lesya
Keywords: school, education, profession, system, common system, skills, an undergraduate-entry course, distinctive characteristics, professional degree.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Varna: Varna university of management
Citation: Ludmila Knodel, Lesya Polyova. Education system: foreign experience. Educational space: post-non-classical perspectives/ Eds. Dimitrina Кamenova, Svitlana Arkhypova.Varna: Varna university of management, 2023. P.178-200.
Abstract: In modern conditions, the system of graduate higher education is an important direction of optimizing the training of a new generation of specialists. For the effective implementation of degree education, a solution to a whole complex of tasks is necessary. The predominant importance of knowledge in the modern world, on the one hand, and the growing demands on those who are trained by a higher school, on the other hand, increase its responsibility and importance to society. The experience of organizing higher education abroad can be useful for building professional education in Ukraine. The peculiarities of the training of specialists determine a flexible response to changes in the structure of the education system and public life. At the same time, the training of specialists in any field is carried out in close cooperation with all sectors of professional education, such as universities, institutes and colleges. At the current stage of development of the commonwealth, the question of developing a unified strategy in the system of professional training of various categories of specialists has arisen. The education system, for example, for the legal profession of any country depends on the system it follows, the national policy on higher education and its requirements.There are three separate jurisdictions within the UK – England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. All three are based upon the common system. The education systems of the three jurisdictions involve two pre-qualification stages - the Academic stage, the Vocational stage, albeit, each has its own distinctive characteristics. The most of the schools have explicit incorporation of skills in the units of the curriculum. The education of lawyers in the USA is generally undertaken through a school program, In Australia most universities offer as an undergraduate-entry course. The professional degree in Canada is the Bachelor of Laws. The Bar Council of India prescribes and supervises standard of education in India. Law in Italy and France is studied in a jurisprudence school which is an entity within a larger university. The law of South America is one of the most unified in the world.
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