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Authors: Польова, Леся Василівна
Polyova, Lesya
Keywords: Internet environment, social networks, Internet, advertising, tourist product.
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Polova L.V. Information technologies in the hotel and restaurant industry. International Scientific Conference "Information and communication technologies in education, tourism industri, business and other areas: current realities and trends". Varna. 07.07.2022.
Abstract: In the process of our research, we analyzed the influence of the Internet environment on the promotion of a tourist product. We focused in detail on the two most popular social networks: Instagram and YouTube. Every year, more and more people master the latest technologies. In our time, when people are trying their best to keep up with everything, it is important to use those tools that facilitate the performance of some tasks. Among such tools are the Internet and, of course, social networks. The modern world does not stand still, as does the field of tourism. Using IT, it is possible to significantly facilitate the work of tourism enterprises. Online booking systems and travel sites help you arrange a tour without leaving your home. It was noted that the main task of enterprises in the tourism industry is the ability to make the client want to buy a tour. And in this case, Internet marketing, as well as social networks, come to the rescue as one of the effective tools for promoting a tourist product. Today there are many different advertising media. Among them: the press, television and radio, outdoor advertising, advertising in transport, etc. It has been identified that advertising in the field of tourist services should cover the peculiarities of the region and country of potential customers, their customs and culture. However, traditional advertising media are losing their popularity every day, because society does not stand still. For a modern traveler, the following components are important: speed and quality, price and the possibility of self-realization. In such cases, leading travel firms should use more effective marketing tools. Іt can be argued that the process of promoting a tourist product in social networks is an effective, but rather complex process that requires special knowledge and skills. It is important to note that social networks have already become a full-fledged platform for conducting business, including tourism. These networks successfully combine functions that are necessary for building effective marketing: accurate target audience; availability and availability of information about potential consumers of services; possibility of communication with clients; simple form of proposal creation. It has been established that speed and ease of access to information are the main advantages of the Internet environment. More and more tourism businesses are using the Internet to increase their profits.
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