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Title: Formation Energies of Native Point Defects in II–VI Crystals
Other Titles: Стаття
Authors: Прокопів, Володимир Васильович
Горічок, Ігор Володимирович
Писклинець, Уляна Михайлівна
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Inorganic Materials, 2012, Vol. 48, No. 2, pp. 119–122.
Series/Report no.: Inorganic Materials;2012, Vol. 48, No. 2, pp. 119–122.
Abstract: The formation energies of point defects in II–VI crystals have been evaluated from Hall measure ment results and calculated by a thermodynamic method and the extended Hückel method. The energies obtained by different techniques are in satisfactory agreement with each other and with data in the literature.
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