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Title: Structural and morphological features of disperse alumina synthesized using aluminum nitrate nonahydrate
Other Titles: Структурні та морфологічні особливості дисперсного оксиду алюмінію, синтезованого з використанням дев’ятиводного нітрату алюмінію
Authors: Миронюк, Іван Федорович
Мандзюк, Володимир Ігорович
Сачко, Володимир Михайлович
Гунько, Володимир Мусійович
Keywords: aluminum nitrate nonahydrate
aluminum hydroxide
nanoparticle morphology
aggregate texture
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Citation: I.F. Myronyuk, V.I. Mandzyuk, V.M. Sachko, V.M. Gun’ko. Structural and morphological features of disperse alumina synthesized using aluminum nitrate nonahydrate // Nanoscalle Research Letters. – 2016. – V.11 (153). – P. 1-8.
Series/Report no.: V.11 (153);
Abstract: Transformation of Al(NO3)3∙9H2O (upon heating in the range of 20-1200 oC) into blends of amorphous and crystalline boehmite (210-525 oC), amorphous alumina and crystalline gamma-Al2O3 (850 oC), and crystalline alfa-Al2O3 (1100 oC) was analyzed using XRD, HRTEM, IR spectroscopy, thermogravimetry and low-temperature nitrogen adsorption. Boehmite consists of nanoparticles of 6-10 nm in diameter and part of them has crystalline structure observed in HRTEM images, despite they are XRD amorphous. The nanoglobules are surrounded by amorphous aluminum hydroxide with chains of –AlO(H)–O–AlO(H)– of 1-5 nm in length. Heating of samples at 350-525 oC gives mesoporous aluminum hydroxide with a relatively narrow pore size distribution. An increase in calcination temperature to 850 oC decreases the porosity of alumina composed of amorphous and crystalline (gamma-Al2O3) phases. Calcination at 1100 oC gives alfa-Al2O3 with strongly decreased porosity of aggregates.
ISSN: 1556276X
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