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Title: Impact of advanced research on development of renewable energy policy: Case of Ukraine (review)
Authors: Wisz, G.
Nykyruy, L.
Yakubiv, V.
Hryhoruk, I.
Yavorskyi, R.
Keywords: Energy policy; H-index; Renewable energy; Sustainable development; Ukraine
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: International Journal of Renewable Energy Research
Citation: Wisz, G., Nykyruy, L., Yakubiv, V., Hryhoruk, I., & Yavorskyi, R. (2018). Impact of advanced research on development of renewable energy policy: case of Ukraine. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research (IJRER), 8(4), 2367-2384.
Abstract: Modern research in the field of renewable energy determines the directions of practical implementation of different energy sources. The possibility of rapid practical application of such results is crucial for economic growth. The paper critically analyses the advanced publications as the results of fundamental researches for different directions of renewable energy and identifies the key points that have influenced the practical development of each of these areas. It is shown how scientific research in different countries after the practical implementation affects their economic development. The key players in the global renewable energy market have been determined. Among low-income economies, Ukraine has been considered as a country that has at the same time almost blank market for renewable energy and a high-level research potential based on a large number of universities and research institutes. The example of Ukraine shows two problems typical for countries with a weak economy: (1) the existence of a large gap between the results of scientific research and the possibility of their implementation; (2) the availability of advanced results in the directions that, due to the need for significant investments, are very difficult to be implemented practically (materials science for solar power, thermoelectricity, new types of batteries, etc.) and almost no research in the industries that are intensively developing and are potentially economically profitable (biofuels, bioenergy from agricultural waste, wind energy). Such data can help foreign companies to enter the Ukrainian market or facilitate the commercialization of research results of Ukrainian scientists.
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