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Title: Vapor Phase Condensation for Photovoltaic CdTe Films
Other Titles: Технологія осадження відкритим випаровуванням у вакуумі фотоелектричних плівок CdTe
Authors: Yavorskyi, R.
Zapukhlyak, Z.
Yavorskyi, Y.
Nykyruy, L.
Keywords: cadmium telluride, thin films, nanostructures, growth processes
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: Physics and Chemistry of Solid State
Citation: Yavorskyi, R. S., Zapukhlyak, Z. R., Yavorskyi, Y. S., & Nykyruy, L. I. (2017). Vapor Phase Condensation for Photovoltaic CdTe Films. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 18(4), 410-416.
Abstract: Thin films of CdTe were obtained by vapor phase condensation, namely by open vacuum evaporation, using different technological factors, in particular, different thickness (different time of deposition t) d = (540 -2835) nm, deposition temperature Td = 200°C and evaporator temperature Te (500 - 600)°C. The films were deposited on silicon substrates. The morphology of thin film condensates is determined on the basis of ASM and SEM studies analysis. Were received dependences of avarage roughness and root mean square roughness from the material of substrate and film thickness. It was established that the growth of surface nanostructures is determined by Strankі-Krastanov mechanism.
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