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Title: Effect of Thermal Treatment of PbTe Films on their IR Spectra and Surface Structure
Authors: Shimko, A.
Malashkevich, G.
Freik, D.
Nykyruy, L.
Lytovchenko, V.
Keywords: chalcogenide film; deformation defect; microstructure; reflection spectrum
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Publisher: Journal of Applied Spectroscopy
Citation: Shimko, A. N., Malashkevich, G. E., Freik, D. M., Nykyruy, L. I., & Lytovchenko, V. G. (2014). Effect of Thermal Treatment of PbTe Films on their IR Spectra and Surface Structure. Journal of applied spectroscopy, 80(6), 950-953.
Abstract: This is a study of n-type PbTe films produced by deposition from gas-dynamic vapor flows onto glass substrates. It is found that short-term steady heating of these films at 300-400°C in air causes significant changes in their spectral and structural properties because of competition between an increased concentration of deformation defects owing to mismatch of the coefficients of linear thermal expansion of the film and substrate and the healing of these defects.
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