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Title: Phase Content and Thermoelectric Properties of Optimized Thermoelectric Structures Based on the Ag-Pb-Sb-Te System
Authors: Horichok, I.
Ahiska, R.
Freik, D.
Nykyruy, L.
Mudry, S.
Matkivskyi, O.
Semko, T.
Keywords: doping; LAST; Lead telluride; solid solutions; thermoelectric properties
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: Journal of Electronic Materials
Citation: Horichok, I., Ahiska, R., Freik, D., Nykyruy, L., Mudry, S., Matkivskiy, O., & Semko, T. (2016). Phase content and thermoelectric properties of optimized thermoelectric structures based on the Ag-Pb-Sb-Te system. Journal of Electronic Materials, 45(3), 1576-1583.
Abstract: Results of x-ray studies and measurements of thermoelectric parameters (Seebeck coefficient S, specific electrical conductivity σ, and thermal conductivity χ) of materials based on lead telluride, such as PbTe, PbTe:Sb, PbTe-Sb2Te3, Pb18Ag1Sb1Te20, Pb18Ag2Te20, and PbTe-Ag2Te, are presented. It was found that PbTe:Sb (with 0.3 at.% Sb) as well as Pb18Ag1Sb1Te20 and Pb18Ag2Te20 systems have the highest thermoelectric figure of merit values. In the case of PbTe:Sb, this is due to a significant increase of the electrical conductivity. In the cases of Pb18Ag1Sb1Te20 and Pb18Ag2Te20, it is due to an increase of the Seebeck coefficient and a significant reduction in the thermal conductivity compared with pure PbTe.
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