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Title: Formation and activation of defects in films of AIVBVI compounds in the process of growing from vapor phase
Other Titles: Формування і активація дефектів в плівках
Authors: Салій, Ярослав Петрович
Фреїк, Дмитро Михайлович
Прокопів, Володимир Володимирович
Keywords: defects, AIVBVI compounds, film growth
thin film
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2008
Publisher: Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 2008. V. 11, N 3. P. 167-170.
Citation: стаття
Abstract: The work has suggested an adequate model describing formation of defects in films of AIVBVI compounds in vapor-phase growth. Being based on this model, it has given an analytical description of dependences for film electrophysical parameters (concentrations n, p and mobilities μn, μp of free charge carriers) on technological factors of film growth. We have calculated concentrations of activated and inactivated defects as subject to temperature of film deposition. The developed model enables determination of entropy and enthalpy of defect formation processes.
Description: Робота спільно з аспірантом. Залежність електро-фізичних параметрів від технологічних факторів
ISSN: 1729-4428
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