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Title: β-Ni(OH) 2 / reduced graphene oxide composite as electrode for supercapacitors
Authors: Boychuk, Volodymyra
Kotsyubynsky, V.
Rachiy, Bogdan
Bandura, Khrystyna
Hrubiak, A.
Fedorchenko, Sofia
Keywords: nickel hydroxide, reduced graphene oxide, hybrid supercapacitor, proton migration, capacitance.
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: Materials Today: Proceedings
Citation: 1. Boychuk V., Kotsyubynsky V., Rachiy B. [et al.]. β–Ni(OH)2 / reduced graphene oxide composite as electrode for supercapacitors. Materials Today: Proceedings. 2019. V.6.Part 2. P.106–115.
Series/Report no.: V.6.Part 2.;
Abstract: The electrochemical performance of Ni(OH) 2 / reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite obtained by ultrasonic treatment of hydrothermal synthesized β-Ni(OH) 2 and rGO has been investigated in alkaline medium. The material demonstrates good specific capacitance and is quite cost effective. The kinetics of proton migration in electrode materials has been investigated. The increasing of capacitance for Ni(OH) 2 / reduced graphene oxide composite up to 494 F / g in comparison with 121 and 133 F / g for rGO and Ni(OH) 2 at current density 0.08 A / g are attributed to the synergistic effect due to conductive system of graphene nanosheets formation and enhancement of both electron and ion transport.
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