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Title: Synthesis, Structural, Morphological, Electrical, and Electrochemical Properties of Ni(OH) 2 /Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite Materials
Authors: Boychuk, Volodymyra
Bandura, Khrystyna
Kotsyubynsky, V.
Yaremiy, Ivan
Fedorchenko, Sofia
Keywords: nickel hydroxide, reduced graphene oxide, ultrasound disper- sion, hydrothermal synthesis, electrical conductivity, electrochemical prop- erties.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Nanosistemi, Nanomateriali, Nanotehnologii
Citation: Boichuk V.M., Bandura Kh.V., Kotsyubynsky V.O. [et al.]. Synthesis, struc¬tural, morphological, electrical and electrochemical properties of Ni(OH)2 / reduced graphene oxide composite materials. Nanosistemi, Nanomateriali, Nanotehnologii. 2019. V. 17. I. 2. С.299-310.
Series/Report no.: т. 17, № 2;
Abstract: The paper presents the experimental results of the composite-materials’ synthesis on the base of nickel hydroxide -Ni(OH) 2 and reduced graphene oxide using ultrasound dispersion of hydrothermally obtained -Ni(OH) 2 and previously chemically reduced graphene oxide. The synthesized mate- rial is investigated by XRD, SEM, and impedance spectroscopy. The in- creasing of composite dispersion degree at increasing of carbon-component content is observed. The electrical conductivity of pure -Ni(OH) 2 and rGO, and -Ni(OH) 2 /rGO composite materials at different ratios of compo- nents is analysed at different frequencies in the temperature range of 25– 200C. The decrease in the activation energy of an electric conductivity for the -Ni(OH) 2 /rGO nanocomposite at the component ratio of 1:2, in comparison with pure rGO, is observed.
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