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Title: Effects of Oxygen Interaction with PbTe Surface and Their Influence on Thermoelectric Material Properties
Other Titles: Стаття
Authors: Прокопів, Володимир Васильович
Горічок, Ігор Володимирович
Матківський, Остап Миколайович
Запухляк, Руслан Ігорович
Семко, Тарас Олегович
Савеліхіна, Ірина Олександрівна
Паращук, Тарас Олексійович
Keywords: Lead Telluride, Thermoelectrical parameters, Diffusion, Surface oxidation.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: ЖУРНАЛ НАНО- ТА ЕЛЕКТРОННОЇ ФІЗИКИ Том 10 № 5, 05006(5cc) (2018)
Series/Report no.: ЖУРНАЛ НАНО- ТА ЕЛЕКТРОННОЇ ФІЗИКИ;Том 10 № 5, 05006(5cc) (2018)
Abstract: The results of the study of thermoelectric material properties obtained by pressing the powder of lead telluride samples are presented. It is shown that an adequate model of pressed samples structure should take into account the presence of a near-surface layer, which formation is associated with the interaction of the material with atmospheric oxygen. The calculation of carrier mobility in the samples has been spent with considering the mechanisms of carrier dispersion on acoustic phonons and thermoelectronic emission.
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