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Title: Psychological mechanisms and pedagogical factors for the development of empathy in the college students
Authors: Lappo, V.
Лаппо, Віолетта Валеріївна
Keywords: empathy, student youth, higher school, methods of the study, levels of empathy development.
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2018
Publisher: IJPINT
Citation: Lappo V., Ternopilska V. Psychological mechanisms and pedagogical factors for the development of empathy in the college students // IJPINT 2018; 5 (2): Р.102-111.
Series/Report no.: 5 (2);
Abstract: The article reflects the results of the empirical study of the problem of the students’ spiritual values formation. The author offers determining indicators, structural components and criteria of high, efficient, medium and low levels of the personality spiritual values. The researcher offers a range of methods aimed at establishing the levels of spiritual values formation in students studying at the university. The author proves that the raised problem becomes more current in modern pedagogy of the higher school. As the systematized study results have confirmed the hypothesis that a significant part of surveyed students do not have enough formed system of spiritual values. The article presents a series of pedagogical conditions, forms and methods of education that will promote the spiritual and value self-affirmation of the student's personality. The content and peculiarities of pedagogical support in the process of forming the spiritual values of student youth in the center of modern high school are revealed.
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