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Title: Electrochemical characteristics of capacitor systems formed on chemical modified carbon bases
Other Titles: Електрохімічні характеристики конденсаторних систем, сформованих на основі хімічно модифікованого вуглецю
Authors: Остафійчук, Богдан Костянтинович
Будзуляк, Іван Михайлович
Мандзюк, Володимир Ігорович
Лісовський, Роман Петрович
Keywords: activated carbon material
double electric layer
specific capacity
Nyquist diagram
cyclic voltamogram
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Інститут металофізики ім. Г.В. Курдюмова НАН України
Citation: B.К. Оstafiychuk, І.М. Budzulyak, V.І. Маndzyuk, R.P. Lisovsky. Electrochemical characteristics of capacitor systems formed on chemical modified carbon bases // Наносистеми, наноматеріали, нанотехнології. – 2008. V. 6, N. 4. P. 1207-1217.
Series/Report no.: V. 6;N. 4
Abstract: Influence of chemical modification of the activated carbon (AC) material on its specific capacity is foud out with the use of methods of impedance spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry and chronopotentiometry. As shown, a general capacity is the sum of two components, namely, double electric layer (DEL) capacity and pseudocapacity, thus the deposit of the last is insignificant (8-14%). The alloing with rare-earth metals and their compounds results in in the rise of cpecific capacity of AC. Probably, the principal reason of such growth is transformation of valence bond of carbon material due to introduction of the additional electron states from the implanted metals. As a result. the considerably greater amount of ions (especially, positive ones) will take part in DEL forming, and, consequently, will predetermine prowth of specific capacity.
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