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Title: Партійна діяльність Лева Бачинського у 1920-х рр. (за матеріалами часопису «Громадський голос»)
Other Titles: Party activity of Lev Bachinskiy in the 1920's (based on the materials of newspaper «Public voice»)
Authors: Королько, Андрій Зіновійович
Лесюк, Ганна Михайлівна
Keywords: Лев Бачинський, Українська Радикальна Партія (УРП), Українська соціалістично-радикальна партія (УСРП), «Громадський голос», Галичина.
Ukrainian statehood, L. Bachinskiy, party activity, newspaper, struggle for social and national liberation.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Чернівецький національний університет імені Юрія Федьковича.
Citation: Королько А., Лесюк Г. Партійна діяльність Лева Бачинського у 1920-х рр. (за матеріалами часопису «Громадський голос») // Науковий вісник Чернівецького національного університету імені Юрія Федьковича : Історія. Чернівці : Чернівецький університет, 2016. № 1. С. 44–50.
Series/Report no.: № 1.;УДК 94 (477.8) : 329
Abstract: У статті на основі аналізу часопису українських галицьких радикалів «Громадський голос» розглянуто основні аспекти партійної праці громадсько-політичного діяча Лева Бачинського у 1920-х рр. Розкрито його участь у партійних з’їздах та народних вічах. Простежено його роль у формуванні політичних засад та ідеології УРП–УСРП. Social and political activity of L. Bachinskiy (1872-1930) is less explored in Ukrainian historiography. He actively advocated the idea of becoming independent united Ukraine and social liberation of the Ukrainian peasants and workers. These ideas are very relevant today. A large amount of information on the researched topic contains the magazine URP-USRP «Public voice» (1895-1939), published to protect the rights and freedoms of the Ukrainian people from the social, national and cultural oppression. A lot of Ukrainian scientists studied the history of URP-USRP in 1920-1930s. They are F. Pohrebennyk, I. Vasyuta, M. Kuhutyak, I. Solyar, J. Gabriel, M. Mishchuk, M. Klymyuk, V. Yaremchuk and others, but they did not give attention to the study of party activity of L. Bachynskiy in the 1920's. The objective of the article is to analyze the main aspects of party activity of L. Bachinskiy in the 1920's by the materials of the newspaper «Public voice». The achieving of aim involves the following tasks: to reveal its role in the development of Ukrainian Radical Party (URP), and from 1926. Ukrainian Socialist-Radical Party (USRP); describe the impact of public and political figure in the formation of the ideology of URPUSRP; show L. Bachinskiy contribution in the creation of radical political program. Lev Bachynskiy was born on July 14, 1872 in the village of Serafyntsi in Horodenka district, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. He began his public activities when a teenager. He promoted the idea of the struggle for social and national liberation among students and the local intelligentsia, while studying in Kolomyia gymnasium. After graduating the gymnasium he studied at Chernivtsi University, where he continued national educational activities and actively participated in the Youth Sports Society «Sokil». In the period of the Western Ukrainian People's Republic (ZUNR) L. Bachynskiy was a vice-president of the Ukrainian National Council, the author of the constitutional law of January 3, 1919 and the law on land reform. In Western Ukraine in 1920-1930's there were dozens of parties and civil society organizations. The first Ukrainian Radical Party (URP) was established at the end of 1890 in Ukraine, which in 1926 was named the Ukrainian Socialist-Radical Party (USRP), because of association with a group of Volyn Ukrainian Party of Socialist Revolutionaries (UPSR). Leading leaders of URP-USRP were Ivan Franko, Mikhailo Pavlik, Mykola Lahodynskiy Lev Bachinskiy and Ivan Makuch. The political program of URP rejected any orientations in Poland or Soviet Ukraine, proclaimed a policy of .own forces. and considered itself the organization of Ukrainian peasants and workers, which is standing on socialist positions. In the 1920's L. Bachinskiy took an active part in the party life of Galicia. On the basis of materials of «Punblic voice» we can conclude that the main aim of his political activity was the struggle for social and national liberation of the Ukrainian people. The politician criticized the activities of the Communist Party in the USSR, as well as radicals opposed rapprochement with Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance. He regularly delivered speeches at party congresses of URP-USRP and public gatherings. In particular, L. Bachinskiy opposed the polonization of Ukrainian schools at the national council, which was held in 1924in Stanislaviv. In his speeches L. Bachinskiy mentioned that the Ukrainian people «should not glance back neither Moscow nor Warsaw», and they must fight on their forces against the foreign oppression and seek restoration of Cathedral Ukraine. After the unification of URP with UPSR in USRP in 1926 L. Bachinskiy was a chairman of a new party. The program of the party noted that USRP is fighting for the unification of all Ukrainian lands into a unified and independent Ukraine and will pay special attention to social and political reforms. Official newspaper of the URP-USRP «Public voice» reveals in detail the main directions of Lev Bachinskiy party in the 1920.s. The newspaper described it in detail as a head of USRP. One of the main activities of the policy was to participate in party congresses and people's public meetings, which he used to advocate the restoration of Ukrainian statehood and catholicity of its lands, the need to fight for the social rights of peasants and workers. The periodical «Public voice» is extremely valuable for the study of party-political situation on the territory of Western Ukraine in the interwar period.
Description: У статті на основі аналізу часопису українських галицьких радикалів «Громадський голос» розглянуто основні аспекти партійної праці громадсько-політичного діяча Лева Бачинського у 1920-х рр.
ISSN: 2221-173X
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