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Authors: Монолатій, Іван Сергійович
Keywords: Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, World War I, Austria-Hungary, Galicia (Halychyna)
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Monolatii I. LEGION UKRAIŃSKI (1914-1918): DZIAŁALNOŚĆ POLITYCZNO-MILITARNA (CZĘŚĆ 3) // Spheres of Culture. Lublin, 2015. Vol. XI. P. 364-379.
Abstract: The third part is devoted to the analysis of political-military activities of Ukrainian Legion during World War Chronicle examined the military way of the national division of the Austro-Hungarian army in 1915 – 1918. It is alleged that the 1917 Ukrainian Sich Riflemen Legion managed to turn in a well-trained military formation using Ukrainian national symbols, their own uniforms and insignia, official Ukrainian language and Ukrainian military terminology. It’s proved that during the existence of the Legion it continued intense national political work. And given the fact that that time Ukrainian Galician society and its political elite were not willing to perform these functions, the mission was taken over by the front part of Ukrainian legionary. The result of this was the formation of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen ideology, components of which were independent Ukrainian state, relying on the strength of its people. It’s summarized that reviving and adopting the tradition of Ukrainian troops USS Legion became the center of the first cadre of politically conscious petty of Ukrainian Army Corps – from the beginning USS riced Kyiv Corps of Sich Riflemen and the Ukrainian Galician Army, which played a significant role in the liberation struggle.
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