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Title: Scattering mechanisms of electrons in monocrystalline PbTe, PbSe and PbS
Authors: Freik, D.
Nykyruy, L.
Shperun, V.
Никируй, Любомир Іванович
Keywords: Vacancy
Acoustic phonons
Optical phonons
Lead Chalkogenides
Issue Date: 17-Dec-2002
Publisher: Semiconductor physics, quantum electronics and optoelectronics
Citation: Semiconductor physics, quantum electronics and optoelectronics, 2002, V. 5, No 4, P. 362-367
Abstract: The theoretical analysis of carrier scattering mechanisms in electronic lead chalcogenide crystals was carried out. The calculation of carrier mobility in wide temperature (4.2-300K) and concentration (10 16 -10 20 cm -3) ranges is carried out from the viewpoint of the interaction of conductivity electrons with deformation potentials of acoustic and optical phonons, the polarizing potential of optical phonons, screening Coulombic and short-range potentials of vacancies. It has been shown that the agreement of theoretical and experimental results takes place when taking into account the carrier scattering both on phonons and ionized vacancies.
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