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Title: Effect of doping by transitional elements on properties of chalcogenide glasses
Authors: Ліщинський, Ігор Мирославович
Keywords: B. Spectroscopy; B. X-ray methods; C. Magnetic properties; C. Thermal properties; D. Glas
Issue Date: 20-Feb-2015
Publisher: Ceramics International Elsevier Ltd
Abstract: In present work, the results on the influence of doping by transitional elements on thermal, optical, structural and magnetic properties of chalcogenide glasses are presented. Thermal properties (Tg values for undoped and doped glasses) were studied using differential scanning calorimetry technique. Activation energy of glass transition was estimated with the use of Kissinger’s expression. Structural studies were carried with the use of Raman and infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. Radial electron distribution functions in doped and undoped bulk glasses were obtained and analyzed. In Raman spectra, main observed effect under the introduction of dopants was the change of relative concentration of main and non-stoichiometric structural units characteristic for As2S3 glasses. Investigation of influence of transition metals Mn-dopants on the optical properties of As2S3 glass was studied in mid-IR region. Pure chalcogenide glasses are diamagnetics. Introduction of transitional and rare earth impurities changes the magnetic properties of investigated chalcogenide glasses
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