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Title: Technology of attraction of film art works in the spiritual values education process of high school students
Authors: Lappo, V.
Лаппо, Віолетта Валеріївна
Keywords: : education of students, spiritual values, film art works
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Pedagogika
Citation: Pedagogika Vol. 127. No. 3, 2017. Р. 23–31
Abstract: The article is concerned with the problem of formation of spiritual and valuable sphere of a student’s personality by film art works. The place of film art has been outlined in the modern information space. The attention has been focused on the educational potential of film works as a factor of pedagogical process of high school. The technology to watch and discuss films in terms of academic group has been presented. The most important stages of organization and holding of educational event have been described. The factors which facilitate the education and self-education of students in the process of acquaintance with film art works have been concretized
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