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Title: Optimization of Growing Process of the Thin-Film Structures ZnS by Method of Gas-Dynamic Flow of Vapor
Authors: Lopianko, М.
Gaidai, S.
Leschiy, R.
Kosovan, R.
Samojlenko, D.
Лоп'янко, Михайло Антонович
Keywords: gas-dynamic flow of vapor
technological conditions
Issue Date: 15-May-2017
Publisher: Прикарпатський національний університет ім. В. Стефаника
Citation: janko М.А. Optimization of Growing Process of the Thin-Film Structures ZnS by Method of Gas-Dynamic Flow of Vapor / Lopjanko М.А., Gaidai S.I., Leschiy R.M., Kosovan R.Р., Samojlenko D.V. / International Conference of Physics and Technology of Thin Films and Nanosystems (ICPTTFN-XVI) – 15-20 травня 2017р., Івано-Франківськ, Україна – С. 1933
Abstract: In this work is research basic parameters of the deposition process ZnS by gas-dynamic flow of vapor. The dependence of parameters of the deposited material from technological conditions and made optimization for nanostructures and films. Described opportunities for effective recruitment of technological parameters for materials with predictable properties [1-3]. The growth of coefficient values of condensation α and bringing them closer to 1 indicates on the prevalence of the condensation process of reevaporation material particles from the walls surfaces in the high range of values ξ (Fig. 1). This process also illustrates that when ξ ≈ 0,6 curve of condensation velocity exposed fracture. The dependence of the calculated values of the resulting condensation velocity ω * from dimensionless coordinate ξ indicates that when ξ ≈ 0,35 received film have the largest thickness. Evaluation of the reevaporation material makes it possible to specify a region with a structural perfect material which is before the maximum of resulting condensation velocity. Further reduction of the relative density ρ/ρ1 and increasing degree of vapor phase supersaturation with increasing ξ can be explained by increasing the mean free path of molecules.
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