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Title: Thin film structures on the base of doped lead telluride
Authors: Freik, D.
Lopianko, М.
Meshzhylovska, L.
Dzundza, B.
Yavorskyy, B.
Лоп'янко, Михайло Антонович
Keywords: lead chalcogenides
hermoelectric figure of merit of superlattice
Issue Date: 23-May-2012
Citation: Freik D.M., Lopyanko M.A.,Meshzhylovska L.I., Dzundza B.S.,YavorskyyYa.S. Thin film structures on the base of doped lead telluride PreCarpathianVasylStefanyk National University/sams-2012, May 23-25, 2012 Kiev, Ukraine
Abstract: The increased interest in lead chalcogenides has been called by the theoretical predictions and experimental confirmation of the possibility of increasing thermoelectric figure of merit of superlattice. Found that their properties are determined by technological factors of the growth process and of the conditions of their subsequent
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