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dc.contributor.authorМонолатій, Іван Сергійович-
dc.identifier.citationМонолатій І. С. Станиславів - тимчасова столиця Західно-Української Народної Республіки // Прикарпатський вісник НТШ. Думка. 2018. № 5 (49). С. 9-28.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe article deals with the chronology of the main events of the Ukrainian Revolution in Stanyslaviv (now – Ivano-Frankivsk), in particular during the rise and proclamation of the Western Ukrainian People's Republic (WUPR) in November 1918. Particular attention is paid to the plots of political and national history of the town, the main actors of the so named “November Action”, an analysis of their memoirs and evidence of events in the city that took place here in the late 1918 – early 1919. The author analyzes the peculiarities of the status of the town as the temporary capital of the Western Ukrainian state, the activity of the government and the echoes of these events in contemporary memoirs. It is argued that, in general, Ukrainians of Stanislaviv had a sufficient level of ethnic patriotism, national solidarity and cohesion, which was manifested in their cohabitation aspirations. It was established that in comparison with the capital status of Lviv (November 13-22, 1918) and Ternopil (November 23, 1918 – January 2, 1919), the status of Stanyslaviv as the interim capital of the WUPR was the longest (until May 25, 1919). The thesis is based on the fact that Stanyslaviv, as the temporary capital of one of the Ukrainian states, suffered the most from the “personnel shortage”. This phenomenon was manifested in the latent conflict between former imperial officials with civil servants of the Ukrainian state, the reluctance of the first “farewell to Habsburg Vienna” in their not only official but also private orientations, a constant insight into the Austro-imperial models, mainly in internal politics. The author is convinced that these circumstances created the model of “governance-kitsch”, models of which were incompetence, bureaucratization and corruption of the authorities and management, the fluidity of governing personnel, internal controversy.uk_UA
dc.publisherПрикарпатський вісник НТШuk_UA
dc.subjectСтаниславів, ЗУНР, Україна, революціяuk_UA
dc.subject“November Action”, national-democratic revolution, West Ukrainian People`s Republic, Stanyslaviv, temporary capital.uk_UA
dc.titleСтаниславів - тимчасова столиця Західно-Української Народної Республікиuk_UA
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