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Title: Емблематичний код текстів Тараса Шевченка
Authors: Солецький, Олександр Маркіянович
Keywords: emblematic form, iconosphere, structure, baroque art, frontispiece, reception, symbol.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Olomouc
Citation: Солецький О. Емблематичний код текстів Тараса Шевченка // Ucrainica VII. Současná ukrajinistika. Problémy jazyka, literatury a kultury. Olomouc, 2016. C.521-528.
Abstract: Emblematic form is treated as a special type of verbally and graphically structured unity that forms a matrix of textual agreements between the author and the reader. Traditionally, the classic elements of symbol (image / picture (pictura), inscription / title (inscriptio) and epigram / signature (subscriptio) have been modified. They shaped a dormant semantic generalization in receptive interpretations of “Kobzar”. Eventually, they determined the structural code of the first edition and have already designed all subsequent expanded and complemented editions.
ISBN: 978-80-244-4933-3
ISSN: 0231-634Х
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