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Title: Thermally induced phase transformations of Al93Fe4Nb3 and Al90Fe7Nb3 quenched alloys
Authors: Shved, O. V.
Mudry, S. I.
Kotsyubynsky, V.
Boychuk, Volodymyra
Бойчук, Володимира Михайлівна
Keywords: Al-based alloys, as-quenching, crystallization
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Materials Research Express
Citation: Thermally induced phase transformations of Al93Fe4Nb3 and Al90Fe7Nb3 quenched alloys. Shved, O.V.a, Mudry, S.I., Kotsyubynsky, V.O., Boychuk, V.M. Materials Research Express. Volume 7, Issue 3, 2020, Article number 036505
Series/Report no.: Volume 7, Issue 3, 2020;036505
Abstract: Al-based rapidly quenched alloys of composition Al90Fe7Nb3 and Al93Fe4Nb3 were studied by Mossbauer spectroscopy and X-ray powder diffraction. The sequence of the thermal-induced phase transformations has been established. Both ribbons demonstrate structure represented by quadrupole doublet in amorphous state and annealed up to 653 K. Such view corresponds to the environment of metastable Al6Fe phase. Higher temperature annealing at 733 K induced structural transformation this phase into stable compound Al13Fe4 and aluminium. At 893 K the transformation is completely finished.
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